Nadia Penner

Nadia is a Board member of the British and European Polygraph  Association (BEPA) as well as being a full member of  the American Polygraph Association (APA).

Nadia is one of the  owners  of  the British Polygraph Academy in London.

Nadia and her Co-Director are also known as Cargill & Penner - who are the official polygraph lie detection experts for the Trisha Goddard show on channel five.

Nadia has also undertaken specialist training for Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT).

Nadia, also qualified from the International Academy of Polygraph and achieved straight “A” Grade passes in all her subjects. She also achieved the rare distinction of passing with 100% in human physiology.

Nadia has completed numerous tests in many market sectors, but is best when dealing with issues involving women and children. She has an understanding personality and an easy going manner when conducting her tests, and that is why she is a much sought after as a polygraph Examiner.

Her previous occupation served her very well in her training as she is also a qualified Osteopath which gave her a head start when understanding the effects on the human body of lie generation.

Nadia is one of the company’s busiest examiners, but she still finds time to make every test she conducts relaxed and very personal.